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Live the Dream...Again

Lots of places use our DeLorean part numbers as identifiers for their "cross-reference" or "make-do" parts, creating confusion in the marketplace. This DMC Improved Part is identical or similar to the original part, but improved in design, material or functionality.

The factory power window regulators have a very high failure rate. A combination of poor design and manufacturing materials resulted in windows that won't reliably go up and down on a DeLorean. We've known this since the 80s and have sold a more robust unit ever since.

Ours come with all the required hardware (below) and illustrated instructions for installation, as the new design doesn't install in the same exact locations as the originals were mounted. As always, if you need help identifying what kind of window motors are installed in your car or help with installation on units you've purchased from us, contact us!

  • 110072 RH Window Motor & Regulator (1)
  • SP10005 M6 Bolt (1)
  • SP10030 M6 Nut (2)
  • SP10031 M6 Washer (4)
  • SP10041 M6 Bolt (3)
  • SP10421 Strip Sealant - 78" (1)
  • SP10509 M6 Split Washer
  • SP11102 High Temp Insulated Butt Connector (2)

NEW FOR 2024 - we also now include the factory recommended anti-rattle pads, along with instructional diagrams for correct placement inside the door. Throughout production, DeLorean Motor Company Engineering Change documents identified areas inside the doors that were subject to rattles as a result of door lock rods and the window motors being too close to the interior metal structure of the door. Like many manufacturers, the decision was made to use foam pads in these areas of potential contact for a better customer experience. Most of these changes were a result of DeLorean Quality Assurance Center (QAC) and dealer feedback , and were only implemented on later production cars.

  • 108212 Window Regulator Pad
  • 108931 Anti-rattle Pad (Door Rod)
  • P108212 Door Rattle Pads Installation Notes
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