1981 DeLorean #02057-TX

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  • This car is offered by DMC Texas
  • SCEDT26T5BD002057
  • 19,678 miles
  • Black Interior
  • Manual Transmission
  • Stage I Exhaust Upgrade (Stage II upgrade available at a discounted price)
  • New stainless steel roof box
  • OE refurbished frame

Classic DMC Texas Live the Dream...Again™ cars are sold in fully-restored, ready to drive condition. We prepare and offer cars that are outstanding examples of the brand that are suited for weekend “pleasure” use or could also be used as a “daily driver”. As the cars are now 40 years old, we feel it is the only way to do it correctly.

This includes a complete overhaul of the brake system with freshly plated and rebuilt brake calipers using stainless pistons, all-new flexible hoses, rotors, brake pads, primary (master) cylinder, and a handbrake adjustment. The front and rear wheels are refinished in a powdercoated silver or dark grey (depending on VIN - this matches the original dark grey or silver paint the factory wheels came with), and reinstalled with new tires in the factory-correct sizes.

The suspension is re-worked with a set of Eibach® performance springs that improve handling and address the nose-high issues endemic to DeLorean cars. New shock absorbers and sway bar bushings are also fitted at this time. A new steering rack is installed along with new tie-rod ends, and a 4-wheel alignment is performed. Electric power steering is available as an extra-cost option. The trailing arm bolts and bushings are replaced, as well as lower balljoints and an improved Delrin® steering column bushing.

The manual transmission has its clutch hydraulic system replaced with new primary (master) and secondary (slave) cylinders, as well as an improved braided stainless clutch line connecting the two. The clutch is also inspected and replaced if needed. Also included is a gear oil flush, along with new differential side seals, driveshaft boots, shift linkage bushings, rubber mounts, and flanges.

The plastic fuel tank will be completely cleaned out of any old fuel, varnish, and debris, and our new integrated fuel pump and sender module will be installed, which can handle the ethanol in today’s gasoline and also provides a more accurate fuel gauge reading, along with a fresh external fuel filter. The fuel distributor and warm-up regulator are cleaned and tested for any issues and are rebuilt if any are found, and a new set of fuel injectors is installed along with modern braided stainless fuel lines. A new fuel accumulator and accumulator flex lines are installed to prevent any hot-start issues, and a refinished fuel filler neck and gasket are installed.

The engine is fitted with new belts, spark plugs and plug wires, a new distributor cap and rotor, O2 sensor, an air filter, and an oil filter. Any needed valve adjustments are performed and the valve covers are sealed with fresh gaskets, a new water pump is installed, and a replacement stainless steel muffler heat shield is installed, which replaces the original asbestos shield. A stainless steel coolant reservoir is installed, as well as a modern radiator with metal side tanks - these two items remove the weak point from the cooling system, as the original plastic coolant reservoirs and radiator plastic side tanks are extremely brittle at this point and can fail at any moment. New oil pressure sending units are installed, along with new engine mounts and all of the car’s rubber coolant hoses are replaced. All of the car’s fluids are flushed and refilled, and the cooling, brake, and clutch hydraulic systems are bled to remove any trapped air. The engine’s timing cover, valve covers, intake manifold, oil pan, and w-pipe are all powdercoated in a brilliant silver and reinstalled with fresh gaskets, hardware, and freshly plated components, so the engine looks better than new. Once the engine is started again, its timing, CO setting, and idle speed setting are all checked and adjusted if needed. Our Stage I stainless steel exhaust system is included on this car, and a Stage II can be added at a discounted price.

The car’s electrical system, long seen as its weak point, is refreshed with modern components that help to both stabilize and improve it. All of its ground points are serviced and the alternator is replaced with a modern, 120 amp output version. The tail lights, side marker lights, license plate lights, front parking lights, door lights and interior dome lights are also replaced with LED bulbs in order to lessen the load on the electrical system and also increase brightness. The window motors are replaced with improved equivalents, and new, LED-lit window switches are installed into the center console. All four stereo speakers are replaced and the original tape deck is replaced with a modern, single-DIN head unit that allows for integration with modern cell phones, has Bluetooth connectivity, and a front USB port for any charging that might be needed. The car’s electrical grounds as well as the fuse box, which is replaced if needed, and a relay update kit is installed, along with an improved door lock module and keyless entry system. A new, correctly sized battery is installed, and modern low-profile cooling fans are installed at the radiator.

For the AC system, a new compressor is installed, as well as new idler bearings and a cabin fan. The mode switch is rebuilt to prevent the “hissing” sound that you hear under the dash of some cars. The system is then checked for leaks, and any other components that are at the end of their life are also replaced - this can vary by car.

To address interior and exterior cosmetics, the frame and underbody are separated from each other, and this car will receive a refurbished OE frame along with a stainless steel roof box. The front and rear fascias are repainted in their factory-correct colors, and the car’s louvre and engine cover are assessed for any refinishing needs. The underbody is re-painted in the front luggage compartment area as well as around the engine compartment and rear pontoons. Inside the car, a new headliner set is installed, which contains modern fiberglass backing, and a new dash pad, carpet kit, and seat covers may be installed as needed. New lifting struts are installed for the doors, hood, and louvre, and new and improved metal exterior door handles are installed, which replace the original plastic ones that are prone to breaking. All of the car’s weatherstripping is replaced with modern materials, and a water leak test is performed. Any dents or blemishes in the car’s signature stainless exterior panels are removed, and all of the panels are given a blend job, which re-grains them and removes any surface scratches and makes them shine like new again.

Any other needs the car may have in addition to our typical restoration as listed above are addressed and corrected, so you can be sure the DeLorean you are purchasing is better than it was when it left the factory and ready for you to enjoy for years to come.

DeLorean Motor Company can arrange shipment at additional cost anywhere in the world.

Due to our current backlog of restoration work in our Texas location, this car has yet to begin the restoration process - to secure this car for yourself and get this car on our restoration schedule, contact us to place a deposit.

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