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A DMC Reproduction Part is one that has been re-created using the factory engineering drawings, but with modern materials and techniques. These parts are only modified to improve functionality or simplify tooling and/or manufacturing.

Yes! ALL the struts  - door, louvre and luggage compartment - are Stabilus brand door struts! New, co-branded, parts made by the original supplier to DeLorean Motor Company - don't settle for anything less than the best.

Sagging or droopy doors? In almost all cases, simply replacing the door struts will do the trick. Unique to the DeLorean, they have 1200 newtons of force to give maximum lifting power. An added oil inside makes the strut slow down a bit as it reaches full opening, reducing stress on the body and door strut mounting points.

As a wear item, door struts should be replaced when they become weak and you should never have to adjust the cryogenic-treated torsion bars unless absolute certain adjustment is required. Many cars have been damaged by over-torquing the torsion bars to compensate for weak struts that should have been replaced.

Door, louvre, and luggage compartment struts are easy to install, but can be intimidating to new owners. Check out our Knowledgebase article and installation video for installation tips!

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